Little Rock Air Force Base Hercules Dining Facility




Commercial / Retail


18,396 SF


Little Rock Air Force Base Hercules Dining Facility

The project includes the design and construction of an Airman Dining Facility for the Little Rock Air Force Base. The facility is 18,396 SF and has a scatter serving configuration to accommodate the airman population of the base.

The facility is responsible for serving approximately 950 meals per day. The daily meals are comprised of 175-200 for breakfast, 400-500 for lunch, and 275-300 for dinner. The dining area has seating for 250 people including a conference room contiguous to the dining area. An outdoor dining area also provide additional seating. The facility provides space for a receipt and issue area, kitchen area, serving area, dining area including contiguous conference room, outdoor seating area, training room including conference room, office/administrative space and break rooms, clipper areas, cold/dry goods storage area, staff/guest toilets, locker areas, janitor’s closet and mechanical areas.

This project was designed to meet the requirements of SPiRit Bronze though not submitted for certification.