Little Rock Air Force Base University Center


Architecture / Engineering




46,000 SF


Little Rock Air Force Base University Center

Through a cooperative effort, the air base and city constructed a center that provides 30 classrooms for 800 college-level students. It is recognized as the first education facility built through a community and U.S. Air Force partnership.

Garver and Cromwell Architects Engineers teamed together to design the 46,000-square-foot center. The facility incorporates energy-efficient aspects and consists of two pre-engineered metal building wings connected by a central lobby. The building serves as a satellite campus for six colleges and universities, providing computer labs, distance learning broadcasts, and classrooms for specialized and general studies.

The main entry features a steep gable roof resting on structural steel pipe trusses and tall circular concrete columns, which draw visitors inside. Large skylights provide natural lighting, and the building’s facade is accented by glass, split-faced concrete masonry block and brick veneer. The building also complies with antiterrorism and force protection requirements.

The center is designed with numerous energy saving and environmental considerations. Conservation features include louvered sun shades to protect classrooms from southern exposure, and the combination of multitechnology occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors control interior lighting when daylight is sufficient or rooms are not occupied.