Madison County Art Installation


Our newest architect, Josh Danish, grew up in a small town in Madison County, Arkansas. Located west of Fayetteville and Springdale, Hindsville had a population of 61 during the last census taken in 2013. There is a hidden gem in this small city and Josh wanted to make sure that it got some exposure before it was gone for good.

Way before Josh can even remember, a very old wooden barn has occupied a large field in town. He has passed by it hundreds, if not thousands, of times while he was growing up. The exact age of the barn is unknown, but Josh believes it to be over 100 years old. A few years ago, the field and the barn were donated to a local church in hopes of building a new facility.

Raising funds for this endeavor proved to be challenging and the church decided to sell pieces of the barn here and there to help get more money to go towards the new building. The tin on the roof of the barn was the first to go.

In early 2016, Josh was passing through on a visit to his hometown and saw the barn, but instead of seeing just a roofless old barn, he saw a very unique opportunity. He got with one of his fellow graduates from the University of Arkansas, Timothy Maddox, and they decided to put the barn to some good use.

They asked the church for permission and were granted use of the barn for a 24 hour period. With the help of some architectural interns and students, they covered the top of the barn in visqueen. They then mounted halogen lights and a generator to a fourwheeler and drove it throughout the barn all night. The result was a beautiful, almost ethereal display.

Josh and several of his co-conspirators were able to get some fantastic pictures. Some of these pictures were  featured in a PBS documentary about old barns across the country. Even after the barn is torn down, the pictures of the installation will remain as a reminder of what once stood in the field.

Josh’s installation was an innovative way to breathe some new life into an existing structure, even if it was only for a short time. We love to see our people working outside of the box in their professional and personal lives.

Photo Credit:  Seth Spradlin