Holloman Air Force Base Clinic CIDM Study


Facility Condition Assessment




91,265 SF


New Mexico
Holloman Air Force Base Clinic CIDM Study

This project consisted of a study to provide supporting documentation for the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) to prepare a MILCON Capital Investment package (CIP) for the Medical Clinic. The supporting documentation required for the Capitol Investment Decision Model (CIDM) included the following components:  Program for Design; parametric cost estimate and site analysis; DD Form 1391; economic analysis evaluating three options:  Status Quo, Additional/Alteration or Replacement Facility. Project Book also included site analysis of the proposed site and a Medical Facility Infrastructure and Code Analysis of the existing clinic. Building 15 was built in 1967 and is a freestanding one storey facility of approximately 71,265 SF. Also included in the study was a mental health and storage facility.