Osan Air Force Medical Service Clinic CIDM Study


Facility Condition Assessment




105,000 SF


Korea, Republic of
Osan Air Force Medical Service Clinic CIDM Study

This project consisted of a study to provide supporting documentation for the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) to prepare a MILCON Capital Investment package (CIP) for the Medical Clinic. The supporting documentation required for the Capitol Investment Decision Model (CIDM) included the following components: Program for Design; parametric cost estimate and site analysis; DD Form 1391; economic analysis to evaluate three options: Status Quo, Additional/Alteration or Replacement Facility. Project Book included site analysis of the proposed site and a Medical Facility Infrastructure and Code Analysis of the existing clinic. 

Osan Hospital (Building 777) was built in 1988 and is a two level, reinforced concrete structure of approximately 105,000 SF, with the lower level placed below grade for protective reasons. The facility was designed to permit the lower level to be completely isolated so that it can continue to function in a chemical or biological (CB) environmental contingency.