MCAS Cherry Point Survival Training Center


Architecture / Engineering




35,100 SF


North Carolina
MCAS Cherry Point Survival Training Center

Project is a renovation of an Aircrew Survival Training Center consisting of a Helicopter Escape Trainer Building (24,300 sf) and an Aviation Physiology Building (10, 800 sf). 

The Escape Trainer Building houses the water survival training facility, scuba facilities (dive shop and dive locker), classroom, and command suite. Major scope of the renovation of the Escape Trainer Building includes resurfacing of the training pool, natatorium humidity containment measures, replacement of the HVAC system including the natatorium dehumidification system, conversion of the heating system from natural gas to steam, floor plan reconfiguration, plumbing fixture replacement, electrical system replacement, fire alarm and mass communication system replacement, window replacement, finish and door replacement throughout, and  selective roof replacement.

The Physiology Bldg houses an ejection seat trainer, hypobaric chamber (altitude chamber), reduced oxygen breathing device (ROBD) training - both individual and multi-person, aviation life support (ALSS) gear maintenance, virtual reality parachute training (VRPT), classrooms, first aid training room, and  command suite.  Major scope of the renovation of the Physiology Bldg includes replacement of electrical systems, HVAC systems, and plumbing systems, fire alarm and mass communication system replacement, roof replacement, reconfiguration of the building floor plan to accommodate changes in mission, toilet addition, replacement of all doors and windows, and replacement of all interior finishes.

Phasing is accomplished by building temporary offices within the existing facilities to maintain physiology training during construction.

Cromwell provided full Architecture and Engineering design and documentation for design/build partner Gilbane Construction.