McGuire Air Force Base - Navy VR Fleet Logistics Operations Facility


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126,817 SF


New Jersey
McGuire Air Force Base - Navy VR Fleet Logistics Operations Facility

This design build project is an aircraft Maintenance Hangar with administrative and maintenance support space. The facility includes 57,210 SF high bay Navy fixed-wing aircraft hangar area, 35,472 SF aircraft maintenance shops and crew equipment areas, 29,562 SF maintenance administrative and unit operations support space, plus a 7,563 SF Squadron Operations administrative area. Design included all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, communications, fire detection/alarm and sprinkler systems as required by code and standards, POV parking and roadways. In addition, the contract included the design of a 7,998 SF C-130 Flight Simulator Facility as part of the building.

The work included construction of a Type I and Type II maintenance hangar containing two bays each, with an attached two-story maintenance/administration building, flight simulator room and related mechanical, administrative and computer control spaces, aircraft apron, site fencing, POV parking, Self Supporting Antenna Towers and related work. This facility and all site features are designed and constructed to be "LEED Certified."