Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) Headquarters Groundbreaking


We are proud to announce the groundbreaking of another Cromwell project, the Headquarters of Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) yesterday, May 19, 2015. Members of our team attended the ceremony yesterday and are excited to begin the construction! In addition to our work on the design of the HQ, the project included the development of a master plan for MEMS. The master plan evaluated existing conditions, determined goals and objectives for the campus, calculate land and space requirements, developed a physical plan for growth, and suggest implementation process for the use of the plan. The organization placed a high priority on utilizing the existing property in Downtown and the first part of the study was positioned to validate that. It included a detailed study of the existing structures and infrastructure with particular attention to the operations building.

MEMS Headquarters Quick Facts


  • 36,383 SF – including 6,500 SF Structurally Hardened Dispatch Area w/ Emergency Back-Up Generator
  • 40 Offices & 10 Conference Rooms
  • Executive Board Room for Little Rock Ambulance Authority Board
  • 5,100 SF Operations & Quality Assurance Departments
  • Locker Rooms & Fitness Center for Operations Staff
  • 9,200 SF Training Area including 4,000 SF of Classroom & Instruction Space
  • 2,800 SF Inventory & Logistics Department with Loading Dock


  • 33 Parking Spaces for Administrative Employees
  • 16 Ambulance Parking Spaces with Electric Utility Bollards
  • 5 Covered Ambulance Drive Thru-Bays (3 Wash-Bays and 2 Logistics Resupply Bays)
  • 2 Fuel Dispenser Units


  • Exterior Envelope: Poured-In-Place Concrete, Utility-Sized Face Brick, and Metal Wall Panel System w/ Low-E Glazing in Aluminum Storefront Windows
  • Energy Efficient VRF Climate Control System within the Dispatch Area
  • LED Exterior Building Lighting
  • 30 Warranty Lightweight Concrete, Modified Bitumen Roofing System