Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services Topping Out


The practice of "topping out" a new building can be traced to ancient Scandinavian religious rites of placing a tree atop a new building to appease tree-dwelling spirits displaced in its construction.   Today, the topping out ceremony includes putting the last piece of structural steel in place, usually adorned with signatures of construction workers, architects, engineers, owners and other stakeholders in a celebration of a major milestone of construction.

On Monday February 8, the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Service, along with Mark Stodola, Mayor of Little Rock, the Cromwell team, and Nabholz Constuction, celebrated the topping out of the new MEMS Headquarters in downtown Little Rock.  The signed steel beam was placed atop the finished structure on Wednesday by Nabholz crews. 

This 2-story, 37,000 SF Headquarters Building will be complete in November 2016 and will contain a hardened dispatch department on the first floor, designed to withstand severe wind and seismic loads. The Operations and Logistics areas occupy the remainder of the first floor. A pull-through, covered Ambulance Resupply area has been provided near Logistics. The 2nd Floor contains the Executive Suite and Little Rock Ambulance Authority Board Room, Finance Department, Accounts Receivable/Billing, Human Resources, and a large Training Department that includes a 1,500 SF Multi-Purpose Room.