"My object is Powermaster Optimus Prime. It is the best part of sharing my childhood passion for transformers with my own sons. Plus, I now have an excuse to play with toys."

Michael Deloney

CADD Support Specialist

(501) 400-1025

What's the one problem you are best at solving for your clien'ts? What do your ideal clients say about you?

Repairing relationships. My ideal client would say that I am professional and very helpful.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?

I am most passionate about learning new things. Learning and using new technology, software, and practices is really exciting. Especially when I am able to help someone else obtain a better understanding from what I've learned.

What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy? What can't you stop talking about?

Being creative. Whether it's drawing, building, or just brainstorming with my fellow creatives, I love the creative process.

Describe your first day at Cromwell in one word.


What was the last picture you took with your phone?

My son stopped halfway down the slide at the playground.

What was the last thing you binge watched?

Naruto Shippuden

Very few people know that I:

am a geek at heart.

What was your first job?

Cashier at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The activity I've never done but want to is:

Visit the great pyramids.

What is the best dish you can cook?

Cedar Planked Salmon