Motor Pool Restoration, Fort Bragg, NC


Facility Condition Assessment




61,000 SF


North Carolina
Motor Pool Restoration, Fort Bragg, NC

The project addressed the repair and restoration of Building C-8727, a Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility.   The team spent three days on site inspecting the building, the site surrounding the building, and the supporting site structures and utilities. This investigation included extensive photography of the site including existing site improvements as well as the exterior and interior of the building. An investigation was also made into the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems to determine their viability for safe future use. The team was then tasked with making recommendations regarding the correction of the deficiencies while assigning associated cost necessary to bring the facility into compliance with current standards. Once the deficiencies were identified, Cromwell provided design documents to repair the deficiencies. The proposed repairs to building C-8727 are divided into three categories: interior finishes and ADA compliance; exterior repair and improvement; and site improvements. Although the facility was not designed for LEED certification, energy efficient systems and environmentally friendly materials were utilized wherever possible.