Outpatient Surgery Center of Jonesboro


Architecture / Engineering




28,500 SF


Outpatient Surgery Center of Jonesboro

The client’s high expectations for efficiency, patient experience and flow, and staff environmental quality were the design guidelines for Outpatient Surgery Center of Jonesboro. Patient and doctor satisfaction with enhanced procedure and operating room turnaround are the financially successful results.

Consultants in Healthcare Inc. provided both the building’s program and construction services and continue as managers of the facility. As former operating room registered nurses with management experience, their knowledge of operations was insightful in guiding the design process.

The plan promotes efficiency in several ways. Patients can comfortably arrive and depart under separate and easily identifiable canopies. The waiting room offers choices: chairs or work tables, TV or quiet, sunlight or inner sanctuary. Reception and patient interview stations provide total privacy for confidentiality while maintaining an inviting and friendly openness. Business and office functions are separate but carefully arranged for easy access to both waiting room and procedure areas. Preoperative and recovery areas are private with solid separating partitions. Patient to procedure to recovery is one directional. Staff lockers and break areas are centrally located. Consultation rooms give doctors easy access to family members.

Since the patient’s experience is from the horizontal position of the gurney, clerestories add natural light to the preop and recovery cubicles. Staff and doctor work areas are filled with daylight as well: skylights and windows in business office, breakroom, dictation and nurses work areas.

Staff areas are generous and comfortable, and encourage interaction among doctor, nurse and business office employees. As multi-specialty center, storage is plentiful and procedure rooms are flexible.