Pine Bluff Historic District


Facility Condition Assessment




300,000 SF


Pine Bluff Historic District

Cromwell provided assessment of the structure, façade, roof, HVAC, electrical, site, ADA, and seismic risk for inclusion in a Property Condition Assessment for 18 Historic buildings in downtown Pine Bluff, AR.  The buildings were assessed by the following criteria: Load Bearing Walls, Columns, Floor Structure, Roof Structure, Seismic Vulnerability, and Code Issues. The Property Condition Assessment (PCA) was performed to give the owners of the properties detailed information on the condition of their buildings and site conditions (drainage, etc.) and considerations for the renovation of the property. Buildings assessed included 423 Main Street, the Hotel Pines, 620 Main as well as  301 S. Main, 305 S. Main, 309 S. Main, 315 S. Main, and 323 S. Main. All are unoccupied currently. This assessment is part of a larger revitalization effort of the downtown area.  Cromwell worked closely with WER Architects for the execution of the study.

Hotel Pines

Cromwell provided a structural assessment on the historical Hotel Pines in Pine Bluff on behalf of the non-profit Go Forward Pine Bluff. The hotel is a 6 story hotel originally opened in 1913. The hotel closed in 1970, but several retail establishments were in the building until the 1980's. The building has set vacant with minimal improvements and maintenance the past 10 years. The total building size is approximately 110,000 SF total on an approximately 22,100 SF lot. Go Fordward Pine Bluff is currently renovating the building.

620 S. Main

Cromwell provided a structural assessment of 620 S. Main, otherwise known as the Garland Trice building,in historic downtown in Pine Bluff. This building has been an issue in the downtown area since a 2014 collapse of the roof caused a roadway hazard and that portion of Main Street has been closed due to the possiblity of falling debris. The building was determined to be structurally unsound and demolition began in April of 2017. Advocates for the revitalization of downtown Pine Bluff hope that removing this hazard will attract more traffic to the area and benefit their restoration efforts.

423 Main

Cromwell provided an assessment of the systems that could be safely accessed. This included structural, electrical, and HVAC assessments. The structural load path supporting the remaining portion of the wall above, the third floor of 423 Main Street, and both roof systems is severely compromised. Gravity loads are currently being supported by “arching action” across the compromised portion of the wall. Arching action allows the loads within a masonry wall to be distributed around openings. The stability of the arch depends on the strength of the masonry and the applied loads. While arching action is currently supporting the applied loads, minor shifts within the building or additional wind or snow loads may create an instability, leading to further collapse.