Providence Bank Headquarters


Architecture / Engineering


Commercial / Retail


20,530 SF


Providence Bank Headquarters

The Providence Bank project is comprised of two facilities, a 17,230 corporate headquarters in Columbia, Missouri and a 3,300 SF  branch bank in St Louis, Missouri. We are working to create a consistent image so the two are being designed in tandem. The intent in the future is to take the all the Bank's various existing retail facilities and infuse them with this recognizable corporate image. We are presently working to develop the image. The intent is to create a contemporary retail client experience in the architectural vocabulary of a technology retail store similar to Apple stores.

The Branch bank is presently considering a 3,300 SF one story free standing facility on a high traffic corner in the suburban area of St. Louis. It will include a traditional drive up banking component but the interior layout is very progressive, moving away from traditional teller line toward a more concierge type service encounter. The client would be helped with either interactive ATM service or served in a traditional fashion by the bank teller. Small offices areas will also be available for loan or investment services all in a high tech retail atmosphere.

The 17,230 SF corporate headquarters building in Columbia will house a retail branch bank and leadership team for all retail facilities, mortgage loans department including both retail and wholesale loan teams, commercial loans department, investment department, executive suite, and a conference suite that can also be used as a community room. Progressive systems will be incorporated including under floor air, electrical and data/telecommunications wiring for ease of access, user control and environmental sensitivity. This building and future branches express the new direction of this 124-year old institute that is seeking to attract new customers that demand great service driven by technology and a retail-like interface.