Ramsey Center-Facade Remodel, Fayetteville, NC


Architecture / Engineering


Commercial / Retail


87,000 SF


Ramsey Center-Facade Remodel, Fayetteville, NC

Built in 1966 as a shopping center, the 87,000 SF Ramsey Center in Fayetteville North Carolina has been repurposed as an office building. The owner wanted a new look for the façade to match the newly remodeled interior.
All of the owner’s goals were meet during this project which included raising the elevation of the building from the street which exposed the tenants/center to views from Ramsey Street, providing each tenant/major space/entrance with a separate or individual identity through a "Main Street" elevation, and utilized the existing roof extension over the sidewalk and structural columns to provide additional length for the renovation. The existing metal and wood façade was demolished and a new EFIS system was installed. Along with variations in colors, horizontal/ verticals reveals, and stepping the EFIS up and down to provide some character to the 310’ façade. Some of the existing masonry remained and was washed and patched. New storefront windows and doors with prefinished metal canopies were added to the façade design to provide the facility a modern "business center" image. The existing pavement for the facility was resealed and striped to include access to the new entrances and handicapped parking stalls.