Rock Region METRO Facility Master Plan, North Little Rock, AR


Architecture / Engineering




200,000 SF


Rock Region METRO Facility Master Plan, North Little Rock, AR

The project is the development of a masterplan for Rock Region Metro. The services consist of providing an assessment of current facilities and developing short term and long term recommendations to Rock Region Metro  for the implementation of the master facilities plan.  The existing campus is 6 acres at 901 Maple STreet in North Little Rock.  It includes the following buildings:
Administration/ operations building
Bus Maintenance Facility
Fueling Facility
Bush Wash Facility
Storage Building (Typical)
Storage Building (Open Air)
CNG Fueling Station
Services related to the assessment may included conducting an overall site assessment to determine the best use of the existing property, including parking areas for METROLs vehicle fleet and employee-owned cars, considering fleet and personnel expansion over the study period,  exploring master plan options, taking into consideration of potential growth for METRO over the next 10 years, developing cost estimates, budgets, preliminary schedules, conceptual site plans, and visual images of the overall project, and developing, coordinating, and attending community outreach and meetings with community members and METROs staff and administrators to present info and provide technical assistance.