SouthCom Commissary


Architecture / Engineering


Commercial / Retail


53,883 SF


SouthCom Commissary

The new store will provide patrons with a state of the art LEED Silver Certified commissary facility. The new commissary is a 53,852 SF facility that is based on a Store of the Future model store. The Store shall be LEED Silver Certified using LEED V 3.0 and will be designed to comply with local hurricane codes. This commissary is designed to meet Executive Orders 13423 and 13514 and EPACT 2005.

The New Commissary is located adjacent to the new Southern Command Headquarters Building in Miami Florida. By locating the new store adjacent to the new headquarters building, fitness center and CDC, patrons will have the convenience of shopping the commissary after work, before and after picking up their children at the CDC, and before or after visiting the fitness center. This location also provides a secure perimeter for the store, making it a safer store and reducing the required standoff distances from parking and roadways.