Spring (Street) Is In The Air


It’s the first day of spring, so let’s take a look at the very first Cromwell project on Spring Street!  

The Remmel Flats, 1700-1702 Spring Street in Little Rock, designed by Charles Thompson in 1906, is the first of four multi-family units designed and built for H.L. Remmel in a block within a residential neighborhood. These multi-family units, are representative of the firm’s efforts in designing rental structures sensitive to neighborhoods of large single-family properties by the application of popular architectural motifs.

This interesting variation of a American Foursquare is a double flat frame house that includes a high hipped roof, central dormer and Classical  Revival details. Two entrance doors flank a centrally placed two-story chamfered bay. The two separate porches feature Ionic columns which support a full entablature with plain frieze and dentil molding and a roof balustrade. Cross gables with dormers enliven the roofscape; the front dormer is a decorative characterized by pediment gable roof with dentil molding, pilasters, and leaded glass transom; the dormer is accentuated by a low balustrade on the roof. As in other Foursquare houses with projecting bays designed by Thompson, large curving brackets line the eaves on one side of the bay.

This structure was listed in National Register of Historic Places on 12/22/1982.