University District Masterplan, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


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University District Masterplan, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Cromwell worked with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to develop plans for a mixed use University District in close proximity to the school. Masterplanning and design documents were provided in two phases.a
Phase 1, the Master Plan, proposed a harmonious mix of land uses within the designated area as part of the land use implementation plan.  The plan also conformed to applicable zoning regulations. The project includes a number of site and civil elements. Several studies including hydrology, historic significance of the area and its unique ecology, site analysis and programming, zoning, other planned city improvements, circulation, and public transportation all had to be taken into account and preceded the assembly of the Masterplan. Cost Estimates were also included in the document.
Phase 2 consisted of design documents. This included the preparation of illustrations of planned/programmed Improvements with connectivity to the surrounding community and University as well as a color site plan layout that includes a proposed mix of land uses for commercial, office, residential and other specified land uses, which shall serve as a land use implementation plan, and a concept for wetland amenity to take advantage of Lake Saracen.