Virco Manufacturing Plant


Architecture / Engineering




800,000 SF


Virco Manufacturing Plant

This project includes a 300,000 SF expansion to the manufacturing building, a 100,000 SF hard plastics facility, and a 400,000 SF warehouse. The project covers 28 acres and was completed under an aggressive "fast-track" schedule. Floor slabs were designed for a load of 600 psf in the warehouse and 800 psf in manufacturing area. The building was designed with a flexible grid of electrical, plumbing and HVAC capability. The initial construction was required to anticipate the need for future plumbing connections and to provide plumbing grids under the concrete slab for flexibility.

A later project at the plant consisted of the addition of a new 25 ton bridge crane system and a slitter machine and foundations. Foundation loads for the bridge crane are in the range of 80 kips. Foundations for the slitter include a pit approximately 10’x6’-8“x22’ deep and foundations with vertical loads as high as 170 kips and moments on the foundations as high as 230 k-ft about the three primary axis. Loads on the floor slab will be as high as 2000 psf in the steel coil storage area.

The contractor was an Eagle Award winner of the Excellence in Construction Award Program by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Arkansas for this project (phase I) in 1999.